About Us

Laine and Lori

We love creating fun, hip, edgy graphic apparel that will not only make you feel good in what you wear, but have others compliment you because you’re wearing the best colors for your skin tone. Our business is built on the foundation of color analysis using the four seasonal palettes. 

We took the time to get the colors right so you don’t have to wonder if the tee or sweatshirt will look good on you. If you know your season, selecting the perfect design is now simple.  No more guessing “Does this cute tee blend with my colors?” How many times have we said that line? All you have to do is browse our latest collection or view all the designs in your season. 

If you don’t know your season yet, please take time to make an appointment with a local House of Colour’s consultant, and find out which season you are…spring, summer autumn, or winter. Better yet, grab a group of friends or family to get your colors done together. 

We want to continue creating more beauty to share with each of you, so check out what we have to offer. Feel free to send us feedback and share photos of you in your new favorite, perfectly-matched tee or sweatshirt.

Happy shopping!

Lori and Laine