Our Story

How did we name our company Louie Blue? Laine’s Golden-Doodle is Louie and Lori's Labrador Retriever is Blue. Pretty simple and straightforward just like dogs, which goes along with our philosophy for Louie Blue. Create beautiful designs that make people happy and put a smile on their faces just like woman’s best friend.

Meet Lori


Thank you for taking time to stop in and find out more about Louie Blue! I’m guessing you're curious about what the name means, who owns this company, and how this idea formed to create graphics in the four seasonal colors.

It all started when I was on vacation. All I wanted was to find a new sweatshirt in the colors from my season - Autumn. That goal was a complete failure, so as a designer, I began to create a graphic on my laptop. I shared with a few girlfriends who have had their colors done and the idea took root. This is something that other women want, too!

The next step was to find a friend who understood the seasons concept, liked wearing graphic tees, and was ready to jump onboard with me. Keep reading to learn more about my partner and dear friend, Laine.

A Little More About Lori

  • Married to Clint for 30 years
  • Mother of three children Alexis, Addelyn, and Henry
  • Grandmother of Harrison, Lydia. and Miles
  • Favorites:
    • Walking Blue
    • Gardening & Cooking
    • Golfing, Cycling & Pickleball/Tennis
    • Warm weather traveling/vacations
    • Meat & Seafood

Blue, one half of Louie Blue

  • 6 years old
  • Official name Blue Cheese - Nicknames: Blueberry, Bludoodle-Doodle, Princey
  • Favorites:
    • Home-Made Dog Food
    • Walking daily off-leash
    • Going everywhere & anywhere with Lori
    • People

Meet Laine

Hi. When my oldest daughter and I had our colors done, I originally thought it would be just a nice mother/daughter experience. While all that was true, I realized that wearing the right colors can really make a difference. When I started getting compliments such as "That color looks really good on you," or "that's a great outfit", I realized I wanted to slowly rebuild my wardrobe to align with my Spring season.

Much like Lori, I struggled finding graphic tees and sweatshirts that I liked that had my colors in the design and the shirt color. Whether I'm running errands in jeans or grabbing a blazer and gold jewelry to dress up my outfit for a night out, having a collection of quality tees and sweatshirts that will hold up wash after wash was important to me. 

Louie Blue closes the gap by giving you great designs for EVERY season! We look forward to expanding our collection and hearing what styles you like to wear. 

A Little More About Laine

  • public relations/marketing professional
  • married to Tom, blended family with five grown daughters/step-daughters
  • avid runner

Louie, other half of Louie Blue

  • Laine is my owner (and my dad, Tom)
  • I'm a fun, energetic, and loving Goldendoodle (yes, I'm still a puppy)
  • I LOVE chew toys and walks in the neighborhood.
  • I may take up half of mom and dad's bed, but mom lets me get by with it